Monday, 21 March 2011

I've just come back from Ampang Point, meet Tasha, Asyraf, Fauzi, Ryan and Zaki there. Ate some food there. Asyraf wants to ate Taiwan, he wanna try it. We going there and take order. Me not ate because not enough money and I wanna save it. While I waiting this two person ate, I was hear some song at Tasha mp4.

After a few of minutes, we went to bowling accompany Acap to play it. He play 3 games too much. Me with my bunkface look at lane of bowling so bored, wanna bought some ice-cream. I ask Tasha to follow me at mcd. I bought sunday cone while Tasha bought sunday cornetto.

K, bye

Sunday, 20 March 2011

With full of my breath, I wanna say that I'm such bit tired. My cousin has came to my home yesterday and they stayed in my house. Really make me happy, many delicious of food had and I was so eager to ate 'Sup Daging' my fav.

Nigth of friday, my cousin and I went to my lame office, I have to pick my check of salary. This is the last salary and I'm gonna to save it. Hm, I have no mood to full this entry. I've had a headache

k, bye

Best Day I've ever had
Meet Auni aka cousin and Syuk aka cousin

Friday, 18 March 2011

I'll miss every single moments with you. Hoping you we're here, sitting behind me. Miss the way you smile, the way you laugh. I'll keeping our memories. I really can't forget you, but I'll try it. You're the one of best I've ever had. Always keep thinking of you, Imiss you that's true I can say.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I love the way you tackle, Dear Torres <3

I hate you loser, I regret to known you and I never and ever forgive you. You smart of say the words, gave me a sweet word, promise me and also you want me to trust you. At first, I'll trust you, I looked into your eyes and what I saw that you're honestly with me. We belong together till 8 months, many fought happened to us. Actually, I could even stand and I'm sick with you. You've changed already, always scold me and didn' reply my message.

I've patient with you, i love you but our relation never be along. I've don't know what to say right now. He'll message he told me that if he didn't call or message me not mean he don't love but he busy right now have a tuition, activities at school and he no time to gave attention to me. I made my own decisions, I'll want us to break our relation because this relation no meaning to me and we always busy and no time to spend each other.

But in my heart, I felt hate to you with what you've done to me.
For God's sake, I'll hate you, bye
Hey yaw, I awake every early in the morning, stomach got problems. I'll can't stand this situations I quickly get 'oil balms' and place it at my stomach. I try to faced this problems and finally I out water from the eyes, I can't stand anymore. I shouted, cried and still cried till I can. The way that I follow is inneffective, I try to lying in bed rest my body and I also try to sleep but can't.

I try to stand this stomach problems