Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hey, bored bored. Wanna do something but dont't know what. Now I'm just looking for someone blog and online facebook. Every day, this things I ussually do. Yeah, so boringg lah. But, today I don't go to Kawat training I'm just feel a lit bit tired because yesterday I've spend my time with my friends and also I've met 'Azfar', he's a funny and non't stop mocked and annoyed me. But this is the first I've met him yeah not bad not arrogant just nice person.

About 2 p.m I reaches at KLCC, but what i see at Azfar faced, he looks like angry haha. We've apologised to you loser because late. Traffic jam ohh.Then, we've walked from Klcc to pavi, so tired and hot. My faced have a few of sweat and I wanna cleaned it. At pavi, we sat at foodcourt and Azfar talked me he wanna ate some food here. But he made his own decision that he don't wan to ate here. Yeah, one again he annoyed me. We've sat properly while waiting Fas boyfriend and also Beby from form four in our school.

Opp, I got to go. Later, I will continue this entry
Sorry, Bai

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