Monday, 14 March 2011

On saturday morning, I was shocked by death of Amir. I didn't believe it because before he die he called me at night and we chat veru happily and he have said that he want to couple with me and he miss me so much, I'm too. I'm not imagine that he will go first, whether he new of sixteen. I'll kept your messaged and I always think about you. I will not erased your texted. I feel so sad and I'm quickly get 'Yassin' and I charity to him and I also gave him Al-fatihah.

Amir, he is kind person thah I've been know, he not easily get angry and patient he want to get. Last our meeting, at Kepong. When I read again message that he gave me I cried and I will not forget about what our talking at phone that night. I grateful to God's because I had hear voice of him but what I hear is sad voice not a happy voice like usually.

Al-Fatihah to Amir, may you rest in peace.
I will always think about you and we going miss boy :(

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