Monday, 14 March 2011

Hey, I'm truly wanna say sorry. It's been so long I've didn't write up on this blogger. I was so busy, have to take care my grandfather and also I've do lit bit some of revision so time to full this entry no. It's okay, Now i wanna tell you that I've been tired from yesterday because do a practise kawat of 'Kadet Pertahanan Awam' . We all together work so hard to improve our kawat, never mind I will try my best. But i feel a few of hate to our coach, annoying me at all. Everi time i see her face I feel wanna do something like slap her noisy mouth, it's really so annoying me.

Huh, because I hate her so much so I wanna called her a 'monkeys'. Yes, that's so match to her with her big voice like a Gorilla eeiiiyekkkkk. I hate her so mush lah kinok. One more, yesterday our coach promise we that our practise will be end at 2 o'clockof evening. So we wait very patiently till 2 but when my lovely watches show that now already 2  we'll still do a practise stand under a hot sun. Yes, a few of minutes, I feel want fainting but I with my all strength 'and said be patiently Kyn. After a few minutes, a 'monkeys' gave me a 10 minutes to recess and we'll be do a practise again after that. What's! So annoy it's already to lah MONYET, should we do again? So, we with the bunkface stand and do it again. Oh, gosshhh really tired. At 3 o'clock our training end, so relieved God's. So I'm quickly get my bottle and my phone from Fas and back to home on my way. My stomach so empty so I wanna eat some rice and the other food that was cook my Mom's.

After I take my eat, I sat and watching some interesting movies at HBO but I can't focus in my mind I was thinking one girl thai I called her a 'monkeys'. I don't know why it's so hard for me to throw 'monkeys' from my mind. Hate you more girl. I've more love our coach in the last year, so kindly person and considerate if we have tuition or anyelse problems. But the our kawad not bad yet. Still neatly and regular, we going miss youu Encik Muhajid,

Kyn, patiently with that 'monkeys girl, okay.

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